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1 Department of Computer Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Urmia University, Urmia, Iran.

2 University of Defence in Belgrade, Belgrade, Serbia

3 Department of Mathematics, Tonekabon Branch, Islamic Azad University, Tonekabon, Iran.


Smart water for the quality monitoring is to be gaining in importance with a advancements in communication technology. The Web of Things (IoT) gets the associations among different gadgets with the capacity to trade and getting information. IoT additionally stretches out its ability to ecological issues notwithstanding the computerization industry by utilizing industry 4.0. As water is one of the fundamental necessities of human endurance, it is expected to consolidate some instruments to screen water quality from the opportunity to time. Around 45% of passing’s are caused because of defiled water on the planet. Subsequently, there is a need to guarantee the supply of filtered drinking water for individuals both in urban areas and towns. Water Quality Monitoring is a practical and proficient framework intended to screen drinking water quality that utilizes Internet of Things (IoT) innovation. In this paper, the proposed framework comprises a few sensors to gauge different boundaries, for example, pH esteem, and turbidity in the water, level of water in the tank, temperature, and mugginess of the encompassing air. And for more, information the Microcontroller Unit (MCU) is connected to these sensors and handled with a Personal Computer (PC). The got information is shipped off the cloud by utilizing IoT based Think Speak application to screen the nature of the water.